Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still here, still no foster

Not having a foster right now is a good thing. I've been battling pneumonia for a month now and we are having some issues with my own collie, Thor. He is eight years old and was suddenly blind last week. His glands are enlarged. I can't afford all kinds of tests or treatment if it is cancer, so we're trying penicillan and as long as he's not in pain or distress, we'll make him comfortable. It could be SARDS (something something, retinal detachment something) or lymphoma. I think he can see a little. He moves his head when I move my hand, but for the most part he can't see. I've been walking him and talking to him as we walk. He mostly seems confused but is getting around better each day. Just taking it day by day. I am trying to be optimistic, but also know it doesn't look good.

Found this picture this morning doing a search for something else. I love this. Would love to have this hanging on my wall.

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