Friday, August 24, 2012

#17 - Ramona

Some early pictures of Ramona, my next foster. She comes from a hoarding situation in Iowa. Five collies, the oldest being the mom at 12. She's also in the worst shape. They will be groomed and vetted before moving into the foster homes. It's really nice when this gets done before I get them, as it's nice to concentrate on general brushing and housebreaking.
Ramona is the one with the white blaze.

And the mom, Mariah. It's unlikely her coat can be saved, so she will probably be shaved.


  1. Do they really consider having 5 dogs to be hoarding?

  2. There were other dogs, too. I know of a Saint Bernard and two Aussie/collie mixes.

  3. We might be getting the mixes, but are trying to get the collies placed first. As of last night only one more foster home needed to be found.