Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lady's 'in-season' winding down

Finally! If you've ever been around a dog in heat, you know what I'm talking about. This was my first experience. Lady was supposed to be spayed yesterday, but the vet called and wanted to delay it, to make sure. I haven't Googled it to find out why, but they don't want to spay when they're in heat. The humping has finally calmed down in the last day or so. Even though Brett and Woodson are neutered they were still trying their best, and it's been going on for four weeks. I can't take Lady to the dog park, but I did take Brett and Woodson there this morning. It's been too hot to go all this past week. But today I finally have three dogs all sleeping at the same time. I think leaving Lady home while taking the other two, she was anxious enough to wear herself out while I was gone.

So, Lady is scheduled for surgery Aug. 2. Then will be ready for adoption. If she gets adopted quickly and/or locally, I'm hoping I can hand her over before she needs to go back for the removal of stitches. Otherwise I will have to kennel her when we go on our trip as it will be cutting it close.  

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  1. Hi Chris,
    We have been watching Lady's progress and I also received an email from you which I can no longer find to send a reply. We are one of the parties interested in Lady and a quick adoption would be good for us if it would work out. I have been anxiously awaiting any updates from MWCR regarding her adoption and there haven't been any. I'm not sure how it all works but we would love to meet Lady to see if it would even be a good fit. Any help/suggestions you can give would be appreciated. Good luck on the 2nd!