Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sleeping and kind of eating

Cody wants nothing to do with dog food and everything to do with people food. He slept well through the night and while he's an occasional whiner I haven't heard him bark yet. That's normal. Some dogs need more time to settle in and take a while for their true personality to appear, and others just let another house dog do the barking. Mac never made a peep the month he was here, but started barking right away at his permanent home.
I mixed a slice of cheese in with Cody's food today and he ate most of it. I think maybe he was used to just having kibble down all the time to nibble on when he felt like it.
And no problems waiting for him to pee outside. He pees on EVERYTHING! Grass, trees, bushes, the other dogs . . . Oy!
He started playing today with Woodson, which is who the fosters prefer to play with. He's much more gentle than my train wreck, Brett.
He has a really thick coat. I have hours of brushing to do on him. I'm probably going to take him to the No-Kill Walk for Animals on Saturday, so need to brush him tomorrow. He has undercoat that really needs to come out.

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