Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mac is home with me

Mac's transport went really well and he's chillin' now with me, Brett and Thor in front of the fan. There isn't much left of the fan by the time it reaches me! 

I forget what a pretty drive western Wisconsin is. All the rolling hills and green trees.

He's getting along really well with my dogs already. I was going to give him a bath right away, but thought I'd wait a few days because he was recently given frontline. I actually think I'll do the self serve wash at Petco. I've taken Thor there and they have a whitening shampoo. Once he gets regular decent food, he's going to be really pretty. He's REALLY thin. Not sure why. Brett is skinny because he has doggie ADD. Mac doesn't appear to have that, but will give it a week to see how he settles in.

He's very sweet and very shy and seems to be a velcro dog, for now anyway. I'm sure he's pretty shell-shocked. I've read the paperwork that came with him and it looks like this owner got him when he was 10 months, so had him about two years. It looks like before that he lived in Poynette, Wis. But that's it for info. They said he wouldn't stop nipping at the horses. They had their own horses and also board so there were quite a few horses on this farm. Said he mostly lived in the garage, but they brought him inside on hot or cold days. 

He likes to jump up when he wants attention, but it's not a "knock you over" kind of jump. He knows sit and down and it also said he's had some training though 4H.

I'll take new pictures after he's had a bath.

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