Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Patience pays off every time!

I have never been so excited to see a dog pee!
Monday afternoon, I got home and Mac still hadn't done anything on the basement floor. I previously set papers down and a borrowed pee pad from the neighbor. Not that he was trained to go on any of this, but I thought it might make him more comfortable using this as it wouldn't splatter.
I hooked up all three dogs and thought, okay, here we go.
We walked to the far side of the creek, Brett and Thor taking care of their business as usual. I turned to go back in, thinking, okay he's still not going to go. We walked between the creek and tree. Mac suddenly started sniffing the ground and YES! He squats like a girl, but he went for what seemed like five minutes. I was afraid to say anything for fear he'd stop, but I guess once the floodgate opened there was no stopping anyway. As soon as he was done I had a party with him. He even jumped up on me as if in celebration. We took a few more steps and he took care of #2 so we had another party.
Yesterday, he pooped in the morning and peed in the afternoon.
Today he did both in the morning. I think he's figured out that that's why we walk 3-4 times a day!

My son came home from Upper Michigan Monday evening. Mac loves him! I suppose he's familiar with his smell from being in the house. I was cleaning the rabbit den when KJ came in and Mac acted like they were long lost best friends. KJ said, "I want to keep this one". But no, we are not getting another permanent dog!
We did, then, give Mac a bath in the doggie pool. He wasn't happy, but he stayed in the pool while I rinsed, shampooed, and rinsed. He looks a lot better. I haven't had a chance to brush him yet as it took a long time for him to dry and I work two jobs, Tuesday-Thursday, so Friday he will get a good brushing. He's been dropping clumps of fur and I did cut away some mats from his underside. I will have to cut more as there is no way I'll be able to brush those out.

I've taken a few pictures, but haven't pulled them off the camera yet. And I really want to brush him out before I take some MWCR website worthy pictures.

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