Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lady Update

Lady was adopted on Sunday by a wonderful family who is absolutely the perfect match for her.
There was some turmoil leading up to it, as she had a post-surgery complication that made the vet think she has Addison's Disease. He had to pump her full of steroids so the stimulation test for Addison's can't be performed until those leave her system, and her new family is going to follow up on this. 
They sent two pictures of Lady on their deck and an update, saying since their house has all hardwood floors except for the third level of their home, they had to carry her upstairs the first night, but that she's adjusted quickly to the bare floors. This often happens with dogs who have never been inside. At my house I have flooring in my entryway, bathroom and kitchen. She got fairly used to the entryway, but avoided the other two spots.

Looking at these pictures I wonder what the chances are of her becoming a water dog??? I've never known a collie that was, though. We'll see.

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