Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dog Park Success!

Dog Park Success

I usually wait until the foster dog has bonded with my dogs for a week before I take them to the dog park. I feel like it gives the new dog a bit more security when they enter the park. Not to mention bonded with me, so they don't just wander off without any sort of guidance. But with Hannah, my instincts told me she would be okay right away.

We went early yesterday to beat the heat. There were several people there and as we walked toward the gate Hannah started barking with enough alarm to make me wonder if this was a good idea. I continued into the entryway, unleashing the dogs and opening the gate. Off they went! Hannah was fine. She was wagging her tail and doing all the proper greetings. She also LOVED the place. She took off running all on her own and looked so happy. I love watching the dogs run. It is a vision of pure joy. Hannah even went with Woodson on his perimeter check (something he has to do each visit).
Today is much cooler so we plan to go again this afternoon. I'm hoping KJ can get some decent pictures.

Hannah is doing great. She's a very well-adjusted dog. Fitting in perfectly. She's more than a little obsessed with squirrels. I have to hang on tight when we're going down the driveway and in the park. The little rodents are everywhere right now. The babies are grown and they are gathering as many acorns as they can.

It's nice to have a foster who is used to being on a leash and knowing the main reason we are outside. especially when it's raining!

I wish I had video of the incident last night. Hannah is short and I'm guessing can't see the top of my bed. She freely jumps up onto the bed, by the way. Lily (cat) was sleeping on the corner of the bed when Hannah jumped up very close to her. Lily went straight up (as only cats can do), flipped over and landed on the floor. It was so funny!

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