Thursday, September 23, 2010

Diamond 9-23-10

Diamond is now on the "regaining health" list as he needs to gain four pounds before he can be neutered. Xrays have been approved. Hopefully that can be done in October. I'm feeding him two scoops of food twice a day. I tried a third feeding, but he didn't eat it.
Had to start kenneling him because he's ripping into a few things when we're gone. My own dog, Brett, is really the problem there, though. He has figured out how to get the kennel door open so kenneling him is futile until we can figure out how to lock the door. When I got home on Tuesday, I came in the front door and Thor was trying to get out. I knew somethign had to be wrong. Thor is acting like "get me out of here before I get blamed for what's up there in the house". I went up the steps and kitchen, dining room and living room was covered with trash. I had turned off the trash can, too, but Brett had knocked it over. He also pulled things off the counter including a bag of peanuts, so there were peanuts everywhere, leftover tomato soup on the carpet and general torn up trash. Geez!

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