Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Speedo is a cat.

He's been an indoor cat his whole life. He seems to be okay with this. The cat we had right before him, wanted to be outside and was hit by a car before he turned a year old. We have a deck off our dining room that does not have ground access. Speedo is allowed to be out there and only once ventured beyond the safety of the rails. With cars whizzing on Regent Ave., he never tried to leave again.

Last night, I got home from teaching at Foss. I took the dogs out, then sat down to eat (note to self: make a sandwich or something and leave it in the fridge to grab between jobs on Mondays. Going 12 hours with no food is not good). As we're watching the news after eating, we hear this horrible noise outside. At first I thought it was tires squealing. Then I said "Where's Speedo?!" The dogs raced to the glass door, KJ threw it open sending the dogs scrambling onto the wood. He saw a cat streaking across the street. KJ came flying back through the house and in one fell swoop, attached the leash to Brett and was out the front door. Instead of running toward the deck side of the house, Brett went toward the garage. KJ saw Speedo hidden at the corner of the garage door. When he tried to get him, Speedo leapt to the ledge between the two garages, and started to climb farther up the neighbor's garage door. I told KJ to go get a towel as I took hold of the cat. His right paw/claw was hooked so far into the lip of the frame, I couldn't get him to release it. It would slide up and down the frame. KJ came back with the towel. I wrapped it around him, and was finally able to release his paw. Carried him inside, checked him over, he seemed to be fine. I let him go and he flew into his safe spot in the basement under the steps. He didn't come out until we were all in bed, spending the night at the foot of my bed.

KJ felt so bad as he was the one who shut the door w/o checking if Speedo was on the deck. I was actually thankful for the cat fight, because who knows if I'd have noticed he wasn't around at all before going to bed.

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