Sunday, November 20, 2011

Collie in the house!

It was weird just now. I'm sitting in my bedroom chair and Desi came up to the side and without thinking I absently reached down to pet her and for an instant I think I thought it was Thor.
She doesn't look like Thor at all other than coloring. She's very petite. I think she weighs less than Brett and he's 45 pounds. 

Kind of dark. Taken with my cell. No batteries in the real camera. Notice how Brett finds a way to get into each and every picture.

We left for Wisconsin about 2:00 to make the 3:30 meet-up time. As we got across the border we were able to pick up the Packer game on the radio. They won! 10-0!!!

Traci was about 45 minutes late, including missing the exit. As we were waiting there was another dog transfer taking place in the parking lot. My curiosity got the best of me and I went over to them and asked where they were from. They didn't really give me an answer and didn't know exactly what rescue they were going to. Kind of weird to me, but one of the vans had something like "Animal transport" actually imprinted on the back driver's side. ONe of the women had a German Shepherd Rescue t-shirt on. The other had some name of a rescue I didn't recognize. They weren't that friendly, actually. Oh well. 

Traci finally arrived. She seemed rushed. We each drove about 90 minutes, and we both needed to get back, but I also know this was hard for her. She gave Desi a kiss. She sent food, leash and records. The coolest part is her AKC registration and lineage. Most of the collies we get do not come with a history. Although more so lately we're getting owner surrenders because of financial problems, so we have more history with them.

I now know that Desi is actually Balverie By Design. Her sire is a champion, all four of her grandparents are champions and seven of eight of her great grandparents are champions. Her father was a sable and white, her mother a tricolor.

I walked her a bit when we first got home, but it was dark so I didn't stay out long. Inside she cased the whole house and seemed to be looking for a way out, but she has settled down and is fitting in. She's REALLY interested in the cats and has already stalked Lily. I don't think Speedo has come down from his perch on top of the fridge yet. 

She's very excitable. KJ was talking about something and he waved his hands in the air and she barked at him. Later he ran down the hall (something he often does) and she chased him, barking. He finished the vacuuming and she reacted to the vacuum at first but didn't bark at it. (Thor barked at the vacuum a lot when we first got him).

We're told she chases cars and bikes, so we need to watch for that carefully. I don't think I'll leave her by herself on the tie-out as our street is fairly busy.

Speaking of, I should probably take her out now!


  1. Has Desi's breeder been contacted to let them know the owner relinquished her to rescue? Reputable breeders usually want their dogs sent back to them rather than using up resources and funding in rescue.

  2. Yes they were contacted by MWCR before we took her in to see if they wanted her back. They said they were okay with her coming into the rescue.

  3. Then it is truly sad that as breeders, they failed their obligations to this girl. Glad she is well taken care of now. Thank you for your fostering work.