Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dog park!

Desi passed her first day at the dog park with flying colors. She literally was flying. This dog LOVES to run! I was nervous because she also loves to bark at dogs going past the house. Thor was not a good boy at the dog park. He just wanted to boss the dogs around and play cop. I dreaded taking him there, too. Only did because KJ wanted to. I realize a lot of it was Thor reacting to my nervousness, but I so didn't want to be the person with the problem dog and Thor was a problem dog at the dog park. 
Okay, back to Desi. I apologize, I get off track easily.

The DP was busy. It was cold, but the dogs don't notice that! I kept Desi on the leash for about five minutes. KJ had the chuckit for Brett and they were already playing. I let Desi go and she took off just running for the pure joy of running. I love that! She stayed pretty close to Brett chasing him while he chased the ball. A few times she tried to grab onto Brett on the top of his neck. Not in an aggressive way, I think she's just trying to get him to stop and play with her. At times other dogs would run with her and she'd chase them barking, but not biting. Later there was a dog she did try to bite in the same way, I think, just to get them to stop running. KJ got her to sit, then lay down, over on her side, all by tapping her with the chuckit. He did really well with her, actually, which surprised me. I was away from them when this happened, just watching. 
Her recall isn't good. I need to remember to bring treats. I'm bad about remembering them. I didn't take pictures. The light was really flat as it was cloudy in a dreary kind of way. 
Desi really wasn't that interested in the other dogs. There were a few times when I had to redirect her, but she had a great time.
When we got home, I brushed Desi for the first time. Her owner gave me a muzzle to put on her for brushing. Said she snarls a bit sometimes. I thought, okay, let her try to bite me when I brush her! I have a grooming bench that I keep in the garage but KJ brought it into the basement for the winter. She did well. She did try once, not bite, but just tell me she didn't like what I was doing, when I hit a snag. I corrected her and she didn't try it again. she knows who is the boss.
I'm going to get some pictures and will post them later.

And now time for me to get a bit political. A woman showed up with a husky mix. Really large dog, un-neutered, which I have so many issues with. Someone asked her what kind of dog he was. Malamute and 35% wolf. The guy asked, you know how much wolf he is? She said she got him from a wolf sanctuary in Utah. He was a friendly dog, I'll say that. Young. Less than two years old, she said. And I can understand that sometimes wolves and dogs mate, but . . . BUT . . . I just don't think the sanctuary should then sell these dogs. And the fact that they knew the percentage suggests they bred them. He did seem more dog than wolf. I'm really just against this 100%.


  1. I adopted a dog from the humane society while I was in Minnesota. They said it was good with kids and a Shepard mix. My vet took one look at her and said she was part wolf, and when she broke a board in my fence trying to get at the sheltie next door, she went back to the shelter. I'm sure it wasn't their fault ... Irresponsible owners give up the dog and lie about it's temperament. The dog was uncontrollable and I'd never trust her around kids. People need to take more responsibility for their dogs.

  2. Exactly. A wild animal is a wild animal, I don't think it matters what the percentage is.