Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Desi transfer

Will be meeting Desi's owner on Sunday. I'm sure it will be hard for her. The only other dog I picked up directly from the owner was Striker (Swiper). It didn't seem hard for her, but she did have her husband leave with the kids so they wouldn't be there, because her daughter did not want to get rid of the dog.

According to what was written on the surrender form, Desi gets into stuff. Garbage, food on the counter, etc. She chews on books. Jazz did this (my collie/border collie mix I had before Thor). He never took a book from a shelf, but if one was left out on a table, couch, floor, he'd chew up the binding. Someone told me dogs sometimes like the taste of the glue in the binding.

If you noticed in the picture yesterday, Desi is tied to the chair. I wonder if this was their solution and just how badly she behaves? When I'm house breaking a dog I keep them tied to me, so wherever I go, they go. It seems to work pretty good. Otherwise you just have to keep an eye on them, not letting them stay in the kitchen when you leave the room if there is food or garbage out. The paperwork stated that she is house-trained, spayed and up to date on shots, etc., so she should be listed as available after two weeks.

I will be crating her when nobody is home. This usually isn't for more than six hours at a time. It was nice to not have to crate Mac.

Completely unrelated to fostering.
The Packers creamed the Vikings yesterday!!!!!!! A lot of people I talked to thought it would be a close game. Not me. The Pack was coming home to Lambeau after being gone for a month and everybody was fired up. 45-7 and those seven points were off a boffed punt when Cobb grabbed and missed the ball, so the Vikings were really pretty bad, especially in the second half. Starting to look like a coaching problem to me.

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