Friday, March 22, 2013

Buddy's surgery

Buddy is home recovering from what turned out to be more than a simple neuter.
In his exam Wednesday morning, Dr. Ken found one testicle, so during the regular neuter they had to do internal surgery to look for the other one. They found it, wrapped in a cord. I picked him up Thursday afternoon and he's doing well. He's walking funny, but he's leaving the stitches alone so far. I'm sure the pain meds are helping with that. We go back in two weeks for removal of the stitches. 

The Pet Expo opens tomorrow. I'm going to drop KJ off for a few hours in the morning so he can help Terry with the iPad and card reader. Then taking Woodson for his rabies shot and giving him a bath on Saturday night because on Sunday we all go back to the Expo at 1 to closing. We always have a lot of fun at this. Buddy would be recovered enough to go, but he's really shy with strangers at first. Actually cowers if someone reaches to pet him, so I won't put him through that. He completely warms up to people, but I think being at the Expo would stress him out. Woodson can be shy, too, but he's getting better. He loves the attention, but doesn't like the standing around.

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