Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick update

Buddy is scheduled for the snip snip on Wednesday and will then be available for adoption by the weekend. I need to get his bio stuff done!
Re: being loose in the house?
He passed the morning shift.
He failed the evening shift.
He is crated now.
It wasn't that bad. I came home from Foss Tuesday night to two paper grocery bags shredded.

He's a very shy eater. He needs quiet and no interruptions or he won't eat. I put some water on his food and he seems to eat more. I bring him up to my bedroom while getting ready for work and shut the door. The other day I forgot to shut the door and Brett came in and just started eating. Buddy backed away and let Brett eat. I think he's used to having food down all the time as he only eats some of it, which doesn't work at my house. If you don't eat your food, someone else will!


Buddy loves to play with Woodson. They play really well together.
Yesterday Buddy and Brett got into a bit of a brawl. I'm sure Brett attacked Buddy. I didn't see what started it, but was able to stop it quickly. The three bones were on the floor, so I picked them up for now. I'm thinking Buddy wanted the one Brett had. Not a big thing, we have these squabbles every so often between Brett and Woodson. 

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