Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Presidential Legacy

A Presidential Legacy

Mary Hickerson took over the reins of Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue (MWCR) eight years go when the rescue was a mere two years old. Under Mary's watch MWCR has grown into one of the top breed rescues in the country that adopts out an average of 100 collies a year. She has been a leader, foster parent and mentor to many. She steps down this month as president but plans to continue her involvement with the rescue. 

Mary worked quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring the well-being of the collies while also working as a professor and Associate Provost at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall. There have been many ups and downs of the growing rescue, and Mary was always willing to listen and bring in outside help when needed. She often traveled from her homes in southwestern Minnesota and eventually the lake country in central Minnesota to all parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, participating in transports or other rescue-related events and meetings. She presided over the Annual Dinner every fall, often traveling through the inclement Minnesota weather, and the Collie Frolic every June. She was always quick with a smile or comment making everyone feel welcome. Her dedication was and is unsurpassed.

Stepping up as President is Terry Libro. Terry became a member of MWCR in 2005 when she adopted Mindy. She began volunteering with the Events/Fundraising Committee a year later and currently serves as Chair for that committee. She was appointed to the MWCR Board of Directors during the summer of 2010 filling in as Secretary and was eventually elected to that position in 2012. 

Since adopting Mindy, Terry has adopted five MWCR collies, giving homes to the often hard-to-adopt senior collies. She currently has Folie (10) and Molly (8), along with two cats, Bunny (18) and Stubbie (16), whom she adopted after their elderly owner died.  

Terry worked in the healthcare field her entire career and now works part-time for a social research firm in St. Paul. Thank you Terry, for graciously accepting this appointment!

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