Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lady's First Night

Not a whole lotta sleeping going on.
I walked and walked Lady after getting home yesterday evening and she didn't take care of any business. Inside, I kept her on the leash and when it was time for bed we tried the outdoors again w/o success.
About 1 a.m. she actually woke me up which I promptly ignored as she had been trying to play with Woodson keeping me from falling asleep, so I was just drifting off when she poked her nose at me. Five minutes later I heard the whiz. Jumped up to find she had pooped, too. Great. I got after her, took her out, which since she had already gone, didn't make much sense, but . . . cleaned up. Back to bed and she was fine the rest of the night. Got her out right away this morning and she peed in the grass! Here's hoping she figured it out that fast. She's a smart dog.

I arrived at the farm about 7:00. Lady came running up with that collie smile on her face. She really does love people. She's a little rugged, but doesn't stink. I thought she was going to smell like a farm dog, you know. She moves really well, just floats across the ground. Light and springy on her feet. 
The tipping point for surrendering her was apparently the other day she wandered over to a neighbor's house and helped herself to their BBQ. But c'mon, they left it out on the grill all by itself!

Note to adopter: don't leave Lady alone with meat on the grill!

She needs a good bath and brush and will be fabulous!

She's having some trouble in my entryway on the laminate floor, but should get used to it eventually.

She's over-interested in the cat.

She wants to run up to everybody she meets.

Needs a lot of leash training.

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