Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hannah update

Hannah Update

Just a quick update on how Hannah is doing. I'm trying to connect with a possible adopter, but schedules have not lined up, but they will.

Hannah continues to do well. I'm leaving her loose in the house when we're gone and so far so good. We keep the garbage locked, and as I type this, I'm realizing I forgot to lock the pantry cabinet, so hopefully nobody gets in there, as I also left Woodson loose today. He chews shoes, so we made sure no shoes were left out. They can't grow if we don't give them chances, eh? My old collie, Thor, was so good in the house. I'd like to get Woodson to that point. I think it was Jazz who would nose open the pantry door, as there is no actual latch. We put a child lock on it and that keeps it closed, but I didn't lock it this morning!

Hannah also continues to do well at the dog park.  Still haven't met a dog she doesn't get along with. My other dog, Brett, can play really rough, and they had a bit of a squabble, when Brett got too rough and Hannah let him have it.

I've been brushing her when I can and her coat is getting really soft. She doesn't like the backend brushed, so I try to swipe it a few times when I can.

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