Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hannah Update

Hannah update

Hannah has been in her new home for a week now and they sent this update. The first sentence is exactly how she was when she first arrived at my house.

Hannah pretty much acts like she's lived here all along!  We have one sofa that she naps on, and have purchased a large crate for the bedroom.  We have allowed her to lie on the bed if one of us is there sleeping in.  She loves that.  Like most dogs I've had, she likes to have her belly scratched, and will roll over and wait for that.  We've taken her for several walks around the couple of cul-de-sacs here.  She is very interested in all the new sights, smells, and sounds.  Especially other dogs.  She does like to communicate loudly when she hears or sees another dog.  She certainly has a deep bark.

She likes our yard.  We've taken her out every day and get her excited and running in circles.  She is a speedy girl and loves to play!

We've also introduced her to several of our neighbors.  She greets all with a tail wag, and a happy smile.  She really does love seeing people.  We had her on her leash on Saturday during Trick-or-Treat in our neighborhood.  She thought all of the kids and adults coming and going was pretty nice as she was fascinated by the different costumes.  Our Vet stopped in with her two boys, and they and Hannah did play.  She was very calm with them (ages 7 & 5), and showed no signs of agression of any kind.  She also seems very interested in TV if there is any kind of action on, especially if it involves animals or dogs.  We had the Animal Planet on the Sunday after we met you, and she saw some puppies.  She cocked her head from side to side, and then began to bark at them.  Very funny!

We did take her to our vet last week just to have bloodwork done to establish a baseline, and to check on a possible urinary tract infection.  We thought she may have a UTI because she was frequently licking herself.  But the test showed no UTI, so her licking must just be a habit.  She does have elevated liver numbers about 3X normal, so we've started giving her a milk thistle tablet, which the vets all say can stabilize the numbers.  Hopefully it will help lower it.

She has settled in pretty well, and is getting used to our habits and our house.  I think she'll enjoy being here.  I know we are certainly elated to have her.  The year without our dogs was a pretty lonely one, so her presence has really filled that space.

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