Monday, October 28, 2013

Pearly's First Day

Pearly's First Day

Her full name is Pearlyhawk. Does anybody know where that comes from? If it's a character from something I'm not aware. Her coloring is so close to Woodson, I'm going to have trouble telling them apart when looking from behind. She's very sweet, gentle and friendly. Already discovered a few things.
  • She gets carsick
  • She's bone aggressive
  • She will most definitely chase bikes

She started her life in Minnesota a full year ago, moved to Iowa, and then moved back to Minnesota last spring, to a horse ranch. The ranch already had two dogs, and Pearly, of course, figured it was her job to herd the horses, since the Golden Retrievers were not.

Terry drove to Mankato, picked her up and then drove her to my house. We were concerned about Terry wanting to keep her, as she has been a transport failure before, but Terry's house is full, and she drove straight to my house, not stopping at home. Terry discovered Pearly had returned her breakfast in several places in the back of Terry's car.

I walked her around the park a bit, then brought her in to meet the boys. Brett and Woodson are so welcoming to these fosters. I haven't had one yet, that wasn't welcomed with a 'who are you? C'mon in!" I kept her on the leash for the first few hours. She is housebroken, but there are so many smells and places to explore in a new house. And she hadn't taken care of any business outside. She did do that on the next walk, so I then let her off the leash and so far, so good.

I have a chew bone that the boys share. Pearly is NOT interested in sharing. So that has been put up for the foreseeable future.

During halftime of the Packer/Viking game, I took her out again, and was walking her down the sidewalk when the local Morman boys came down the sidewalk on their bikes. Pearly let loose barking furiously. They apologized. I apologized. She settled back down. I told KJ later to make sure you have a good grip on the leash when you walk her. She's better on the leash than some new fosters are, but she pulls, and is really used to being loose, I'm sure.

She's going to be crated while we're gone, for now. We'll see how things go. She hasn't had any vetting, ever, so will be starting from scratch on that. They sent a huge bag of the dog food she's been eating, so that's really nice. I'm hoping she can make it into someone's family by Christmas!

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  1. I just love these entries. I hope she has her Christmas family!