Friday, February 11, 2011

Lyme Disease

Took Prairie to the vet this morning and he tested positive for Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis. I don't know much about Lyme's and absolutely nothing about the Anaplasmosis. I have some reading to do. He started him on antibiotics while we wait for the panel to come back on the blood draw that tells us how severe it is. It's his guess that he was infected last summer, so it's early, because he otherwise seems to be in good health. And just now I realized I forgot to bring home a kit for a stool sample, so will have to get that soon. I have noticed that Prairie sometimes moans when he lays down. Vet thinks that could be arthritis soreness which would be part of the Lyme's. He asked where he came from and I said Danbury, Wisconsin, he said that is a real hotbed for Lyme's.
It's treatable, so what this mostly means is that he can't go up for adoption as soon as planned. He has to wait to be neutered, too.
He's rubbed the top of his nose a bit from being in the kennel. Not nearly as bad as Cody did, though. Cody rubbed the black right off the top of his nose!
After Prairie piddle everywhere I started sleeping with my bedroom door closed to keep him confined in my bedroom. He didn't pee anywhere. But it gets pretty cold when the door is shut. Cold enough for Thor to get up on my bed at some point and sleep there until morning w/o my knowledge! The last few nights I've left my door open without any issues and was much warmer!


  1. When you have to do medical things for a dog, is it paid for by you or an organization?

  2. MWCR pays for the vet stuff. I pay for food and any toys, etc.