Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seeing more of the real dog!

They say it takes two weeks for a foster dog to show you their true colors. Well, it's been almost two weeks and Prairie has showed himself to be a barker. Collies bark a lot anyway, but he's barely made a peep and the last few days he's found his voice! He's started playing with Brett, too. Showing more of his wild side. He comes in from outside all frisky. I'm wondering , too, if he's just simply feeling better as the antibiotics do their job.
I found out he knows how to shake and he's a southpaw. I should see if he knows how to rollover or sit up. Maybe he has a whole bag of tricks!
I remember when I taught Kelly how to roll over. Kelly was my first collie. I was in 8th grade when I got her. A very special dog. She was realy good at rolling over, but as she got older she started to just spin in a circle and I let her get away with it, so when you said "roll over" she would just spin around.

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