Monday, February 21, 2011

Test results

After not hearing back from the vet, I called, explained what was going on and he checked and called me back. What's going on, is that when Prairie lays down, he moans and yesterday I noticed that he was even snarling, basically, at himself, as nobody was near him. This only happens when he lays down. He is otherwise very active. He jumps on the couch to bark at the squirrels. He jumps on my bed to bark at the squirrels. He barks at the squirrels when he's outside. He's eating and drinking, peeing and pooping, just fine.
Dr. called back with test results. 1-800 for the anaplasmosis and 1-12,800 for the Lyme. He said these were extremely high levels. He's hoping his kidneys haven't been affected. He wants me to bring in a urine sample and pick up some pain medication. I'm doing a home visit on my way home in about 20 minutes, then will collect the urine (that should be fun) and run it over to Fridley. They're open until 6:30, so glad for that. Otherwise it would be Wednesday.

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