Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mac and his new family

KJ and I drove Mac back to Eau Claire today to meet his new family. And yes! They are Packer Backers. We met them at the same place I picked him up from Colleen four weeks ago to the day.

Colleen met us there, too, with Oakley. More on that later.

Mac was his usual shy self at first, stayed pretty close to me. I walked him around them, KJ gave Kathy some food to feed him and she eventually took the leash. We all stood around for about 45 minutes before leaving. Mac went right into their car. Kathy gave me a hug, which I appreciated. It is bittersweet, actually. I know he's going to a great home and I'm really happy for him and them. They are getting a great dog. I think it really has more to do with Mac's confusion than anything else. But it doesn't last long. Dogs take what happens to them with such acceptance and more so when it's done with love in a matter of fact kind of way. I don't think he misses me, it's definitely me missing him, but I'm okay with that. I think he'd remember me if we saw each other again, but the same way he moved on from his former life while he was here at my house, he will do the same at their house. 

Oakley is Diamond's son. 
He is one of 21 puppies that came into MWCR  about a year and a half  ago from a breeder in Iowa. They had two litters born within days of each other, Diamond being the father of both litters. The puppies came in, some were adopted by their foster families. They all went pretty quickly. One of them went to Colorado along with Cody (one of my fosters). Diamond was surrendered last fall and was the foster dog I had when I started this blog. While Oakley is a sable, I can see Diamond in Oakley. They have the same shape and when Colleen walked him over to some grass, watching Oakley from behind, I could really see it. Their gait is really similar.

So, now I'm on a self imposed two month break from fostering. This seems to be a much better pace for me. I will be back here writing, though. I still have the stories from the fosters before Diamond.

There are MWCR events coming up, too, that I will post about. KJ is taping a one-minute video for us in Medina, Tuesday evening. Jane is taking him and he'll bring Thor, too. He's been practicing his script.

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