Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Walk in the woods

Sunday evening, we took all three dogs to explore a trail near our house. We were actually trying to find where KJ could get onto it on his bike because I've seen it intersect on several streets and it had a pedestrian bridge over 169. When he bikes to some friends from school, he has to cross 169 at 109th and even though there is a light there, I'm concerned about safety.
So, yes, we found out he can hop on the trail from Zane. This trail actually connects Coon Rapids Dam with Elm Creek Park.
The trail is mostly used by bikers, some of whom, didn't seem pleased we were on foot, but we did see one person walking. We walked for maybe a mile and turned around as it was getting really buggy. For as long as we walked the trail stays within the woods. 
KJ had Brett on a separate leash, and I had Thor and Mac on the double lead. It took Mac a bit to get used to being attached to another dog, but he adjusted quickly and seemed to really like the walk. He's not interested in what's rummaging around in the brush, just enjoying the walk. He did great with the passing bikes and even a roller blader, no freaking out about wheels.
I've only heard him bark once. He gets really excited when I come home, but that is a yipping, excited talking to me. It might be that he lets Thor do all the barking, but I think he's fairly quiet by nature.

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