Friday, August 5, 2011

New and improved Mac

Tomorrow marks three weeks with Mac. I can't say enough what a sweet dog he is. This will be the hardest one to date to let go when the time comes. We haven't had any bites since the first two, but to be honest I'm in no hurry to get rid of him!
I got him back up on the grooming bench for brushing and he stood and for a bit was shaking so bad the table was shaking, but he settled down and stood while I brushed and talked to him.

With the feeling that his profile pictures are from when he was still wet from his bath, KJ and I got outside with just him, to see if we could get some better shots. He's very camera shy.
I got this one the other night while he was sleeping!

The little blanket is a quilt that was sent to us by a member who's quilting group is making us these blankets to send with the dog when he is adopted. It's supposed to be a crate blanket, but Mac doesn't need to be crated so I keep it on the floor by my bed. He lays on it, but so do Brett and Thor.

Before we got started, the neighbor girl came over with her mom to chat. Maddie sat down on the driveway to pet Mac and he made himself comfortable.

Then we headed for the grass, walking him back and forth trying to get him to kind of stand alone.

Then we went inside and I wanted to try to get a shot of all the doggies lining up for treats. Probably should have had treats while we were in the yard!

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  1. I wish I could adopt this dog….he's a beauty.