Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Confusion (Rocket)

I was told yesterday that Rocket probably received two rabies shots and was neutered. He came with two separate records and certificates. Both for a tricolor collie, both from the same vet to the shelter who originally had him. One says, he was given a rabies shot and a heartworm check. Included the rabies certificate. The other is for his neuter with a certificate of neuter. It also has some other stuff on it, but I can't remember. I will have to look closer at it, as I thought it might be for a different dog, and got included by mistake. 
I inquired about it this morning with the intake person, and she called the shelter. They're saying that yes, he was neutered. He has internal sutures.
Okay, he must have monster swelling, because it's the same as Woodson when I first got him. And Woodson's swelling took three weeks to shrink down to nothing. So, we'll see. 

Put Rocket on the tie-out this morning, closed the door and then watched from the living room. He took care of both parts of his business and I let him back in. This is good! I don't do the morning walk at all. I just don't move fast enough, nor am I willing to get up earlier. It's hard enough as it is!

I'm thinking he's house-broken. I've seen nothing to indicate otherwise.

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