Sunday, February 12, 2012

Picked up Rocket today

My title was going to be "Rocket needs to lose some weight", but giving him a bath, it really is all hair.
What a fluff ball. They said he'd been shaved, but he's only been clipped in places. His tail and hind quarters mostly. 
Of course, my camera has dead batteries. So pictures will have to wait.

We left about 10 a.m. for the two-hour drive to Willmar. Set the GPS for the address and off we went. It took us out 94 to Albertville where we started to criss-cross county roads past Pelican Lake where there was a house with a flat roof with a fence and a playset. I thought of my friend Cindy who would have stopped to take a picture. Through small towns, Maple Lake, Litchfield, Atwater, Kandiyohi and finally Willmar. Somewhere before Litchfield we ran out of road. Driving along and a sign says, pavement ends. Ummmm, are we lost? Think it was just some road work that is waiting until summer. About two miles up we had pavement again. All towns I'd never been through before. It's cool to get off the freeway and actually go through towns.
So, we got to the shelter and he comes out and my first thought was, wow, he can't have been a stray for long. He is not underweight, and as I said, I thought he was pretty tubby, but it's mostly fur. Had to pick him up to get him in the car. He's not heavy at all. He actually looks like what they breed for shows now. Smaller, shorter, with the rounded rump. He has a really funky left ear. It doesn't appear to be deformed, it just folds weird and instead of laying backward, it points forward, so that the underside of the flap is outward. 
Back home, meeting the dogs went fine. I'm keeping him in my bedroom while I watch tv. I'm assuming he's not housebroken, but I don't know. He's gone outside twice now. He's fine with stairs. The place in Nebraska said he was fully vetted but not neutered. His paperwork says heartworm and rabies, so not fully vetted to our standards.

So far so good.

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