Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just a little lovin' please

As with any dog and especially my foster dogs, all Rocket wants is some love. He will literally purposely stand in front of me wanting me to give him a pat. I lean over and rub his chest with one hand and his side with the other. 
He also loves to have his face stroked, the way Desi did. He lays his head in my lap and I will stroke his face. He looks so blissful when I do this.

Woodson is definitely jealous. He probably isn't that secure in his status as permanent dog. He's also REALLY shedding. All that undercoat as if it were August. I suppose it's from being inside now so his body is saying, okay, we don't need this.

Rocket is too warm inside, too. His coat is much thicker than Woodson's, and he pants all the time.

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