Friday, February 17, 2012

Rocket and the dog park

I loaded up the dogs, picked KJ up from school and off to the dog park before the temps started dropping. We had bright sunshine most of the day, but it started to cloud over right before school got out.
Woodson cried in the car all the way to the park. He basically thinks car ride = dog park.
I kept Rocket on his leash for a few minutes just to see how he'd react to the strange dogs there. It was early so there were only three other dogs there. Some golden retrievers came and did a circle of the park and left. Brett and Woodson just take off running, so Rocket mostly stayed with them, but he was interested in the other dogs and their humans. He loves people. Went up to complete strangers, jumped right up on a woman, and begged for attention.

I took the pictures with my cell phone. There is such a delay, I have to hit capture then move the phone with the  dog to get the picture. So I get lots of blur and tails. These are the better ones I got.

In the one, it looks like Rocket is growling, but he's not. I think he's just sniffing.

There were two muddy dips that also had water in them. Brett thought it was great fun to run through them. I brushed all three dogs when we got home. Rocket has definitely been brushed before and probably even up on a grooming bench because he stood calmly while I brushed him. 

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