Monday, September 17, 2012

New pictures of Rocky

He's REALLY feeling better!
I'm supposed to keep him calm still from his surgery, but he wants to play, play, play. 
I gave him a dry shampoo bath the other day and have been brushing what's left of his coat. He doesn't like the grooming table, but is starting to get used to it. 

If Woodson is in my bedroom chair, Rocky will try to get him out of it, usually by barking at something enough so Woodson will get down to investigate and Rocky jumps up. He also moans as he lays down next to the chair as if to say, man, I'd rather be in that chair!
I don't blame him. He can really curl up in the chair and I think with the cooler weather and missing coat, he's cold. He's 65 pounds and thin. Should probably gain another 10 pounds.

And a tree in the park across the street, where we walk. 

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