Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We're (KJ and I) really starting to lose it when it comes to the current foster's name! He keeps calling Rocky, Rocket, which was our foster in February. That's an easy slip. I, on the otherhand, keep calling Woodson, Thor. I've also started asking the same question three minutes after asking it. I know this is from having so much on my mind that I'm not listening well.

We've had a couple accidents with pee, but all No. 2 has been outside. Have an appointment at the vet on Saturday and then a tentative neuter appointment set up for next Wednesday. And no accidents this morning.

My morning routine, now that school's in session, is getting up at 6 a.m., and start the procession getting each dog outside and fed. I walk them seperately into the park. It's still dark, but starting to get light, so I can see. I keep thinking something is going to jump out at me. There are woodchucks and coyotes in the park. I know it's unlikely with a dog next to me, but still. Eventually I'll go back to tieing them up on the cable in the morning.

Rocky is a bush pooper. He likes to go on bushes. Woodson likes to go in the tall weeds. Brett is easy, he just goes in the grass, but has to run several circles around me (I feel like I'm lounging a horse), and I get dizzy!

Rocky is learning "kennel" and "go lay down'. He's very shy, so a quick 'hey' works when you want him to stop doing something. He's a hoverer, which is understandable, given his former situation. He wants attention, all the time. He walks with his head down. It's a little sad to see and I hope that he can come around to being more confident.

I brushed Rocky again yesterday. Got a lot more of the undercoat out. He stands still until I get to the backside and tail. I'm doing what I can back there, but I don't want to stress him out too much. I think it could take six months to a year for his coat to improve. The outer coat is so dry it feels like straw. Maybe there's a leave-in conditioner I can put on him.

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