Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Surgery day

I dropped Rocky off this morning at Skyline. He will be neutered and have his umbilical hernia repaired. Poor guy. He will stay overnight and I'll pick him up tomorrow afternoon. I hated to leave him. He's just been through so much. He whines in the car, I think because every time he goes in the car it means major things happen. And not necessarily fun things. I haven't taken him to the dog park yet. I know there are unneutered males there, but for me, personally, I just don't like to do that. Too many people bring aggressive dogs in and I don't want Rocky to feel insecure. We've really made progress on his confidence.

He has now claimed the bedroom chair, so that tells me he feels really comfortable. As I've mentioned before, my bedroom chair serves as a dog bed overnight. I'm still closing my door at night to confine him in the bedroom. Most dogs don't soil where they sleep, but given too much freedom, they'll go elsewhere in the house. Brett sleeps in KJ's room, and Woodson sleeps in either room. So when Woodson is in my room there is often a juggling of who gets the chair. It's funny to see, actually. As I'm getting ready for bed, Rocky is getting in there first before Woodson thinks of it. I know they switch places throughout the night, too. I took a picture last night of Rocky in the chair that I'll post once I get it off the camera.

Rocky will come home with the old 'cone of shame' that I know I'm going to have to keep on him, even in the kennel. He's in the bigger crate when we're gone so that shouldn't be too bad.

Here's a new picture of Ramona (Rocky's sister). They were able to save her coat. She's gorgeous and I know once Rocky's coat grows back in he will be just as pretty!


  1. Romona is a beauty! Poor Rocky! I love the wall paper you have here with all the dogs!!

  2. Thanks! I need to add Rocky to the collage.

  3. Very pretty girl! Sounds like Rocky is settling in with your family, any chance he could be another "foster failure" like Woodson? :)

  4. No. As much as I'd like to keep them all, I just don't have the space.

    Doc just called. He made it through surgery just fine. He said his hernia was one of the worst he'd ever seen, but it's repaired. Have to keep him pretty quiet for the time being. I'm thinking that when KJ is home, and I'm working, I'll close him in my bedroom, so he's not in the crate the whole time.