Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rocky's here!

I picked up Rocky and Gabe in Bloomington and headed to New Richmond to meet Gabe's foster family. I grew up in New Richmond. It's been several decades since I lived there and it's changed a lot. I met them on the north side of town on a dead end road in front of what turned out to be the school bus parking lot. The Farm and Home is still there. When I was in high school, Kris and I would ride horses through a cornfield to the Farm and Home. Back then it was the only thing really on that end of town. We'd go in to buy candy bars, then ride back home.
On the drive to NR both dogs calmly laid down in the back. They were great riders. Rocky is underweight and has had his entire neck shaved. It looks really weird, because his skinny neck sticks out from this poufy body. 
We made the exchange. Neither dog would  jump into the car so I lifted him up.  Rocky started whining and wasn't happy, I think, about leaving his brother behind. I headed over to my cousin's house and spent some time talking to Trish in the back yard where Rocky was able to relax for a bit before getting back in the car. He'd been in a car since about 10 a.m. or so, so it was really nice to give him this break.
Got back home and walked him right away. Now he's getting used to the house. He doesn't like bare floors or steps but he's going up and down reluctantly.
I was able to give him a quick brush and got out a lot of the undercoat. There's so much left, though. The picture, with my foot for perspective shows what came out. This was about 15 minutes of brushing. The second picture is of KJ taking Rocky's picture. The deck is small so it's hard to get a good picture of a moving dog. 
So far no accidents, but I don't think he's house-trained.
He wants attention, constantly. I don't think he's had much in his life.


  1. This blog is a great idea, Chris! Thank you so much for fostering rescued Collies. I heard about Rocky's situation and look forward to seeing more pictures of him as he becomes a healthy, happy dog.

  2. Thanks, Deb!

    He just barked at a siren going by (I live a block from the police dept.)