Monday, April 23, 2012


Jinny met with a family a week ago, Sunday. We were originally going to meet at the dog park in Bloomington, but the weather was rainy and stormy, actually (then woke up to snow on Monday morning!). They have a little girl, almost three, and Jinny took to them right away. Put her head in Brad's lap, like she knew she needed to win them over. Later Brad had the daughter in his lap and was letting her fall backwards, while he held onto her hands. Her giggles attracted all the dogs and Jinny kept trying to lick her face.

I did find out that Jinny comes from a house with five kids, between the ages of 11 and 11 months. They also had a german shepherd and no yard. They got her from a shelter a year ago. Jinny had taken to herding the kids, so was surrendered.

I took her to the vet last Monday and he thinks she must have stepped in something, a chemical, or nettles. It's just her front feet that are irritated. He gave us a spray to use each night and the redness is going away. I still think it's from the added exercise she's getting at my house, too. Her feet seem to bother her more after we've been to the dog park. But each time we go she seems to do better. No more laying down. We'll be able to go tonight for one more time with her. Her adopting family is going to pick her up on Thursday. 

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