Sunday, April 8, 2012

Overnight foster

I've got so much going on this month that I decided it wouldn't be good to add a foster until May. But I got a temporary foster yesterday. Just for over night really. Another member picked her up in Willmar at the same shelter I picked Rocket up from. I think she originally started out in South Dakota, but I'm not sure. Her name is Jinny. She was posted on Craig's List saying the family had a new baby and Jinny was too nippy for their comfort. As herders, Collies are nippy. 
I drove to Hutchinson, a small town I'd never been to before. I always thought of Hutch as an outer ring burb beyond Minnetonka somewhere. It's actually an hour west and definitely not a burb. Ridgewater College is there. I know them from my days at the newspaper reporting their sports results. I need to look at a map to know for sure, but I think the Crow River runs through town. It's a very typical small town, with an actual main street. 
We get back home and it had been raining so no visit to the dog park. There was a small squabble between Jinny and Woodson. I didn't see it happen, but both dogs were in a corner between my desk, bed and wall, so I think one of them, probably Jinny, felt cornered. Nothing since. She's pretty quiet, actually, but that's common with a new foster. They are often confused and a bit shell shocked when they first come in. Especially the ones who come directly from a home. The strays mostly seem happy to be inside! 
She could definitely stand to lose a few pounds. Fluffy, but pudgy. And camera shy. I don't know what it is about fosters and cameras, but most of them seem to slink off when I get the camera out!

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