Thursday, April 12, 2012

Settling in

On the fourth day, Jinny speaks. 
We walk in yesterday afternoon and, oh my, she was barking her greeting with the best of them. Then continued to bark as I walked her. I guess she was making up for lost time. 
She continues to be so sweet and gentle. I'm still leaving her loose when we're gone. I feed Brett and Woodson  in the garage, then get them kenneled up and feed Jinny. She won't eat if I'm standing there, but when I walk away, she goes over to eat. I haven't tested her for food aggression, only because if I walk back over she steps away. So I suppose that would mean she's not food aggressive. 
We have some running around to do this afternoon, but I'd like to get back to the dog park. It may be just me as KJ has plans, but should be okay. With just Brett and Woodson, it's work to get them out of the car without getting away, because they are so excited. I make them all sit for a minute before they get out. I'll try to get more pictures.
Last night Woodson sat in front of me for the longest time begging for attention. Jinny is the second foster now since Woodson became permanent. I sometimes wonder what my own dogs think when so many dogs come and go. I'm not the kind of person who puts too much into what dogs think. I think I've written about this before. I'm fully in the 'living in the moment' camp, when it comes to dogs. They basically take what's coming at them, deal with it, even if it means retreating, or lashing out, and are done with it. Definitely creatures of opportunity. But, as with people, some dogs are insecure, some are confident. Brett is the latter, I believe because we got him as a puppy, so he really only knows one home. Thor was there when we got Brett so I do think he wonders where Thor went, otherwise, he sees the fosters coming and going as normal.
Woodson, though, was a stray, long enough to be insecure about his surroundings. He came to our house with Brett and Desi, stayed after Desi left, then saw Rocket come and go, and now with Jinny's arrival, Woodson seems to be a little more insecure.
It could also be that Woodson is used to being the 'baby of the family', and with Jinny's arrival, she falls into this role while she's here.
So many dynamics.

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