Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Foster #14 - Jinny

My overnight foster has turned into an actual foster. Jinny's scheduled foster family had a family emergency, so I offered to keep her and even though they were really looking forward to fostering her, they accepted.
I wasn't looking to foster this month, as I've got some training for work to do that basically has me working seven days a week for three weeks, but Jinny has been really easy to foster, housebroken and she's already vetted and spayed, so it's just learning her personality for her future family. We left her loose in the house today, and because I was rushed getting out the door, I forgot to lock up the garbage and pantry cabinet doors, so we'll see when we get home if she's trustworthy! 
We took her to the dog park Sunday afternoon and she absolutely loved it. Even another guy mentioned how much she seemed to be enjoying it. She chased this little dog forever, running in circles around it. Much faster than I thought she'd be. She's a bit on the hefty side. Fluffy coat, but definitely needs to lose some pounds. It's an effort for her to rise from laying down.
Afterwards, Jinny was licking and licking her paws. Looking at them, they are quite red. I don't think she cut them on anything, what I think is that she's not had an active life, so they're tender, and when she steps down on her feet, because of her weight, I can see them spreading, so I think she stretched the skin to almost ripping, so to speak. She was quite stiff later Sunday. Yesterday the stiffness seems to have subsided, but she was still walking gingerly. Today seems much better. 
She won't do her business on the tie-out, so I walk her across the street in the park. 
She's a very sweet dog.

Edit: We got home to an intact house! Looks like she won't have to be crated at all.

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