Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jinny's first night in her new home

Jinny's new dad picked her up Thursday afternoon and off they went through rush hour traffic. I forgot to give them her vet records, so will mail them on Monday.
Her mom reports:
Jinny seems to be adjusting really well. She is eating, wags her tail when any of us come by her, wants to be near us (will lay down by where we are) and seems to enjoy the walks/being outside. She even lets our 3 yr old hold the leash and doesn't try to get away (Brad is right there ofcourse). She is very good on the leash, doesn't pull and walks right by us. 

Our daughter Kaelyn is ecstatic. She already says she loves Jinny and is very into helping with her. They seem to be hitting it off. It was difficult to settle Kaelyn down last night so she'd go to bed... and she got up at 5am to find the dog! :)

Gizmo the cat is not as happy, but they will get used to each other. They both seem to be curious of the other. And Gizmo isn't in hiding as much as I thought she would be.

I attached a picture from last night when Jinny arrived. She seems like a very good dog.  Brad took today off so he can spend time with her. I think they are going to the dog park this morning so she can run around with out a leash.

So things are great so far! Thank you for all your help with this.

Then Friday morning from Dad:
Jinny and I did go to the dog park.  There were around 6 dogs there.  I had her on the leash for a minute to see how she would do.  She did just fine and had a great time running with the obviously more energetic dogs.  I forgot to bring something to pick up the poop.  Whoops, I need to adjust myself.  Fortunately the park does have spares.  So now we're home and Jinny is headed for a nap.

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