Thursday, December 1, 2011

Foster dog #12 - Bruno

And I haven't even gotten Desi off yet. Hopefully we can get her adopted before Bruno comes in. I'm doing a home visit Friday evening for a family who applied for a dog on the website. We do home visits for all adoptees. They aren't a big deal. Mostly just want to make sure the dog is going to a good home and people are who they say they are. Our adoption process has a very good reputation in the rescue community. Desi hasn't made it to the website yet (we have approved applicants on a waiting list). They want a younger female, so maybe Desi will be good for them also. I was planning on bringing her anyway, as we're supposed to bring a dog if we can. If they like her and everything checks out, she's theirs! That's how Becca got adopted by Shea and Matt. I brought her with me to do their home check and they fell in love. I've kept in touch with them more than any other adopter of my fosters. They are a great couple and a great family for Becca, who is now Bella. 

Bruno is a beautiful,  2 year old,  sable and white, intact male collie located in Southern MN.

He will be UTD and newly neutered when he arrives at his foster home. Bruno was a stray. He is very playful and a bit barky. He loves people and is good with dogs and kids.    Bruno knows how to sit and shake.  It is unknown if he is good with cats. He keeps his kennel clean but does mark.   However, this should subside after he is neutered.

I've never had a collie with the white blaze on its face. This is the standard marking, I think. 

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