Sunday, December 18, 2011

Good news, good news and a name change.

Schatzie has been found. He actually came home in the middle of the night. Some people spotted him and followed him while calling Schatzie's owner, who went outside. Schatzie came into the yard and laid down at the owner's feet as if to say, okay, I've had enough of this life on the lam.

And, Desi is getting adopted!
I just talked to a woman in eastern Wisconsin who has a 16 year old daughter and is ready for another dog after putting her lab down a few months ago. Their situation is really what I had visioned for Desi, so much so that I know the Universe pulled everything together for this match. I love how that works!

She's going to have a houseful over Christmas, so we're going to wait until after the first of the year. Which will be good for all concerned. 

A new picture of Desi, sacked out.

And, after a vote and much discussion, if we keep Bruno, which we probably will, he will be Woodson Clyde Norman. His personality reminds me so much of Jazz. The collie mix I had before KJ was born, who KJ grew up with.


  1. So excited after talking to you today. The hardest part will be waiting for Desi's arrival in January!!! Please try to keep the photos coming when you are able. It will make the wait a little easier.

  2. Wow! Logs happening in your dog world! Love the name !