Sunday, December 11, 2011

Walking the doggies

It was so nice today, I took all three dogs out for a walk before the Packer game started. This was no easy task. I put Desi on her leash and hooked up Bruno and Brett on the double leash. Brett likes to pull and Bruno just isn't that good on a leash yet. He's fine, but he gets those long legs of his wrapped up. Eventually we got a good system down and all worked out. Went around the park.
I also brushed Bruno and Desi. Desi is much better about being brushed. Bruno was fine, just not happy about being up on the bench.

Bruno is really just a big lug. He's smart and very loving. I get the feeling he's been a house dog before. He jumps right up on the bed at free will. He hasn't been much of a barker, so far.

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  1. Hey Dog Walking is really big fun, i love to take dogs on walk, as i like dogs very much i play with them alot, i don't have any dog owned by myself but i usually take my neighbor's dog (bruno) on walk.