Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kind of fostering, I guess

Desi is now in Milwaukee, much closer to her future permanent home. I am so thankful to the woman and her family for taking her for two weeks. Even though I was really tired yesterday (after a busy weekend), we met in La Crosse for the transfer. It really was the best day for everybody. And I'm glad to be down to two dogs. We get Buddy in on Wednesday and I'm not sure how long he's staying. Buddy is a Britany Spaniel and is very well behaved. He glues himself to KJ and even wants to be in KJ's room when KJ is gone.

So, technically I am still fostering Woodson/Bruno, but it really feels like I will be adopting him. He's pretty mellow. Other than when he jumps up on us. KJ encourages this, I don't. Also when he was taught to sit and shake, he now sits and immediately throws his paw up to catch on whatever body part is closest. He's getting better about being on the tie-out. I walk him mid-afternoon and before bed. But first thing in the morning all dogs only get tied in the yard. I can't see that early in the morning!

I do need to make sure he was actually neutered. 
Biological warning.
Dr. Ken said the same thing, but didn't want to accuse another vet of not doing a job properly, but it sure feels like he still has both of his testicles. The swelling has gone down. Skyline talked to the clinic in Waseca and they explained how they neuter which can cause more swelling, so it seems that he was fully neutered, but neutering means removing the testicles, which produce the hormones. The point of neutering is to stop the ability of reproducing, but also to get rid of the hormones. 

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