Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bunker and Sophie updates

W.  reports that Bunker is doing great, and asked if he ever brought a toy to his food dish. Ahh, nope. This is a new thing, or old thing he did before he got to my house. He's dropping the toy in his dish, then eats around the toy. Pretty funny! 
He's playing with his canine sister and meeting canine cousins, along with lots of new people, getting along with all. 

When I dropped Sophie off on Sunday, I forgot to bring her box of toys, so I brought them with me to work yesterday, and took them over there after work.
She was in the basement and when she was called up to see me, she really didn't want to come upstairs. She knows where it's cooler, and while she came to me she was rather, eh, no big deal. She looks so comfortable and happy there, looking like she was born there!

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