Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update on Bunker and Sophie's webpage

Got an update on Bunker He's been with his new family two weeks now and doing well. It really does take two weeks and longer for a dog to feel comfortable to where you'll see the true personality.

Hello!  Wanted to update you on Bunker's progress.  He is doing great!!  He and Jenna now run and play in the yard.  He really isn't shy about much of anything.  He has decided his cousins next door are just fine too.  He isn't going there for play time yet as he is still adjusting but hopefully soon he can go over for a little time when we are at work.

He is eating well, putting on some weight, and learning all about toys.  Our house is a disaster because we have a dog toy box we keep stocked with a variety.  It is now empty with the toys out all over the floor.  He follows me around when I clean them up and within minutes they are all back out again with him in the middle


And Sophie's officially available!

Time to get the doggies outside before it storms!

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