Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sophie's going home today/yesterday's frolic

Whew, what a day of fun and friendship.
Where do I start?

Sophie's reading with animal communicator, Ilga Cimbulis
Sophie has done some bouncing around, more so recently, from Eileen picking her up from her house and keeping her for a few days, to getting to my house in Minneapolis from southwest Minnesota. She feels that her time at my house has been like summer camp, full of playing and going places. My schedule isn't as consistent as she would like it to be, but she will get that with her new home. Her eyes don't bother her and she feels they are quite humorous, actually. And she doesn't get sand or dust in them. She is healthy and happy. At her old house, she wasn't abused or treated badly, they really only had her because she was pretty. They spent time arguing about who was going to let her outside.
Ilga can see that her new family will be the perfect family for Sophie. They will work with her in the training she needs, and will do a lot of activities with her, including walking, which she loves. They will be committed to her, making her comfortable. That while they have a varied schedule it isn't as crazy as mine and Sophie will like their routine better than mine!

Sophie met both S and L on Friday. S took the day off so she could meet her and not have to wait. Their younger son was there, too, he starts college in the fall. We spent about an hour, talking, petting Sophie and went for a quick walk. Their yard is foliage, so Sophie will have to adjust to that as she's used to grass, but the yard is amazing. So green and almost like a rain forest.  Sophie even gave them kisses, something she hasn't done here. I'm taking her back today (Sunday) to drop her off.

Back to Saturday's frolic
It was very well attended and the dogs got along so well. No fights, which there have been in the past, so much barking. Shea came with Bella and her mother-in-law. Bella looks different every time I see her. Her coat is really maturing, longer and darker. So many  beautiful collies, and a few collie wannabe's. While Woodson did not win the longest schnozz contest, Woodson and KJ did win the peanut butter licking contest. Human contestants get peanut butter on their noses or cheeks and their dog has to lick it off. 

Brett's reading
At first we were thinking we really didn't want to know what was going on inside Brett's crazy brain, but then I figured, why not. The worst he could tell Ilga was that we yell at him. A lot. Because we do. Brett is stubborn and crazy!
The first thing Ilga said, was that we have an athlete. A strong athlete who could run a marathon. Who needs to expend his energy. He has so much energy and can go round after round, which is what gives us the impression that he has ADD. He told Ilga that he is very popular at the dog park. He is extremely clever and smart. His destruction problem when left alone, loose, is from boredom. She told us that we need to work more with him on his listening skills for his own safety. He is healthy, but could use a little extra protein in his diet. His thinness isn't an issue, he's just naturally thin. 
KJ said, on the way home, Ilga was spot on with all she said!
So Brett has a new nickname: The athlete.

I will be posting pictures from the frolic as they come in, but here are three I took with my cell phone. They were taken late, actually, while we were cleaning up, so the dogs are all tuckered out. Cindy and Sophie found each other as great playmates.

Sophie (top) and Lilo. I had to keep looking for Lilo's bandana to make sure she wan't Sophie.

 Woodson, Sophie, Cindy, Lilo (l to r)

Brett and Woodson waiting to leave

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