Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sophie's bio prep

A promise to get Sophie's bio prepared this weekend. She can go up as available after Sunday. I've been behind in getting this done. I got a great picture of her on the chair in my room. I'll post it as soon as I get it off the camera. It's funny that she's been vying for a spot on that chair. Usually it's Brett and Woodson competing for it. The competition is so hot that I can't even get up to brush my teeth without one of them hopping up. I thank them for keeping it warm and motion them off. It's leather so the hair doesn't stick. I think most collie owners prefer leather furniture!
Two days ago, Sophie started making her claim on the chair.

This morning KJ told me to make sure I add burping to Sophie's bio. Yes, she is a burper. It feels like she does it on purpose, similar to being a human who can make himself burp.

Sophie now poops on the leash FINALLY! It still takes her awhile, she has to trot in circles. Brett does that. I can get dizzy waiting for them to find the right spot. Sophie definitely bugs me when she wants to go outside. If I ignore her she will paw my leg, so then I know she means business and doesn't just want attention.
She tends to lay in the worst places, mostly just because she wants to be in the room with you, so will need more training on that. The worst place is along the cupboard in the kitchen. My kitchen is really tiny, so any dog on the floor in there is not good. Still, she's not a velcro dog. I think when I don't know where she is, she's hanging out in the basement because it's cooler. She definitely wears her own permanent blanket.


  1. Sounds like she has really come into her own now, and that's so good to hear....thanks for all the care you gave this great girl!

  2. Well I have to say that Sophie is like Maisie. Maisie burps after every meal and snack. She sounds like a human. I don't think about it much because she always does it. Jake always turns around and looks at her like hje is saying "Really? Can't you say excuse me?" Anyhow - Thanks so much for being a foster home for these wonderful collies. Maybe one of these days I can handle it. I think I might have too many collies then:)

  3. I can't say enough how much I enjoy fostering. It's the only way I've ever going to 'have' more collies in my life. I love keeping in touch with the families that adopt them.