Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sophie's weekend/Animal communication with Ilga Cimbulis

Big weekend coming up.
Sophie is meeting with a possible adopter Friday evening. She'll meet part of the family, as one member is out of town, so if they like her we'll wait until the following weekend to meet again.

Saturday is the frolic at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge in Blaine. An animal communicator will be there and I want her to do a reading on Sophie to see if she can tell me anything about her vision, plus will be a fun thing to pass on to any adopter. My co-worker just asked me if I believed in that. Yes, I do! Ilga sold me a few years ago when I had her do a reading on Thor at the Pet Expo. This was about seven or eight months after we first started fostering so we had had three fosters by then, and had just gotten Rune, the bunny.

What Ilga does is sits quietly with the dog and then speaks to us humans telling us that:
Thor wants you to know he thinks you should practice a little population control. Funny! Thor was the kind of dog that wanted to control all the activity, the collie cop.
She asked us if we used to do a lot of running with him because he was showing her how he loved to run and that he missed it, so could we please start doing that again. KJ spoke up and said he used to take Thor on a leash while he rode his bike. 
Then the clincher.
Ilga said that Thor wanted to let us know that the cat has peed on the couch.
Without knowing anything about this (Ilga), we knew that Speedo had started revenge peeing on the couch every time we got a new foster. We had a leather couch, so it was usually just a puddle that was easily cleaned up, but apparently we had missed a spot!

A year ago, we had her do a reading on Prairie, who was being treated for Lyme's Disease. Prairie was doing a lot of moaning and I wanted to know if he was in pain. Ilga told us that his moaning was leftover as a habit of telling his former owner that he sympathized with her about her medical issues and that Prairie himself wasn't in any pain.

Saturday evening we're doing a home visit for an applicant who wants to adopt another dog on the website. I'll bring Sophie, as they like us to bring a dog when we do these.

Here's hoping we can all chill on Sunday.

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  1. I'll be anxious to hear about Sophie's potential adoption, please keep us posted.