Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sophie update

I haven't been online a lot lately. Sophie is doing well. We've been taking her with us to the dog park and each time she seems to enjoy it more. Brookdale Park dog park isn't big compared to other parks I've heard about. It's the only one I've been to. I've heard the Elm Creek one is huge, wooded and has a small lake, but I've also heard that the water there is stagnant. Brookdale is wide open with a big hill. Woodson loves to run up and back down kind of in his own world. Sophie is starting to join him. I need to get a picture of her when she comes racing back to me, full white ruff waving up and down as she runs. 
Sophie will probably need a fenced yard. She doesn't like being tied out and will only pee on the leash. I walk and walk up and down the park waiting for her to poop and I know she has to go, she even looks like she's looking for her spot, but she never does. She's been holding out for when we go to the dog park, which can be two days sometimes, before we get back there. 
Sophie is a strong nudger. Insistent. She's not a velcro dog, but does like to be near you. Her and Woodson play, a lot. She's barky and yippy at times. Barks at outside noises, but it's not a lot. I think she's hungry! At her old house they kept a bowl of dogfood down all the time, so she's used to eating whenever. Here she gets two scoops in the morning and that's it. 
I haven't brushed her yet, but plan to later today. Can hopefully get a few pictures. My real camera has dead batteries. That camera drains batteries!

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