Saturday, March 5, 2011

Companion dog in training

Saturdays I teach swimming for five hours straight. No break. That's fine, I don't like breaks. I'd rather start a half hour later or get done a half hour earlier if I'm going to have a break. Anyway, when I'm done, I'm pretty tired, so I almost walked right past them. Sitting right next to the break room door was a woman with a smooth collie. Seriously, I almost kept walking, until it occurred to me that there was a dog at the pool AND it was a collie. Her name is Dazzle. She's 11 months old and she's training to be an autism dog. She was donated to the service by a breeder who donates a dog every so often. There was a smooth collie last year at the annual MWCR dinner who was in service. I believe this is from the same breeder donation.
I sat and talked to them for a bit. Dazzle was doing great, especially for such a young dog. The pool area is noisy and wet kids are everywhere. Lots of commotion, giggling, excited screaming, splashing. Dazzle was "down", alert, but calm.
Pretty cool.

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